Leadership Thoughts

21st September 2015 - Colin Hatfield

Let’s work out what we’re doing here...together!

Working with an executive to help them find ways to articulate their leadership style and goals is our meat and drink. The skill is not to turn this stuff into a personal manifesto (that’d be far too overbearing and self-indulgent), but to find interesting and charming ways in which these ideas can be woven in to everyday interactions. It’s amazing how, when done well, a leader can use this narrative territory to better answer questions from stakeholders, or make a more powerful and memorable point in a meeting or inspire a team by having them reflect on the contribution they’re making to the business.

10th September 2015 - Stephen Welch

Who is communication for?

One of the big mistakes leaders and communicators make is looking at things from their own perspective. Leaders craft messages that work for them; or that they feel comfortable with. But this misses the point. Unless you are in your own target audience, it’s likely that what appeals to you won’t appeal to the people you are trying to persuade.

10th July 2015 - Kevin Murray

The 12 Principles of Leadership Communication

The dictionary defines language as “a system of communication used by a country or community.” We believe that there is a system of communication used by the community of people who describe themselves as leaders.